British banks are slowly restoring confidence with a banking system consisting of different branches, both for personal and professional reasons. To apply for a bank account in the United Kingdom, you will need to provide proof of identity as well as proof of address (see below for details of application requirements). We encourage non-residents to contact us for more information on how best to proceed and apply effectively to UK banks. We work with major UK banks, such as Barclays Bank .

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  • No visit to online banking in England required
  • Bank of England Deposit Protection Scheme: up to EUR 85 000
  • Full suite of business services - debit cards, online banking and multiple currencies
  • SEPA (Single European Payment Area) payments for lower transaction costs.
  • Accounts are issued with IBANs for SWIFT payments.
  • Subject to bank and support information requirements, it takes approximately 3 weeks to open


Compte Bancaire en Angleterre

Online Banking Product in England

The exact products and services will vary from bank to bank.

Debit Cards
E-Banking (Internet / electronic banking)
Business Loans
Trade Finance
Placement Services
Debit Cards
Mass payments
Transfer of funds


The exact process will vary from bank to bank.

Step 1: We collect and review your information and documents.

then Step 2: We send the application to the bank.

And Step 3: Account opening in a few days

Finally Step 4: The cards and the security token device will be sent to you by mail.

(Contact us for more information)

Initial requirements

Our initial review .

  • Scans from quality corporate documents
  • Scans from quality passports for each officer
  • Proof of address (electricity bill, letter from the municipality, etc.)
  • Scans from quality the bank reference letter
  • CV for each officer
  • Our completed form (a form prepared by us to be filled in)

Note: the bank may request additional documents when examining the application.


Application requirements

Bank requirements - the exact requirements will vary from bank to bank .

  • Copy certified in accordance with company documents
  • Passport quality scans for each officer
  • Proof of address (electricity bill, letter from the municipality, etc.)
  • Personal bank statement for UBO (s)
  • Business bank statement if an account exists
  • Bank reference letter original
  • Business information:
    1. Commercial activities
    2. Value of annual turnover
    3. From which country do the incoming funds come
    4. To which country do the outgoing funds go?
    5. Details of company ownership
    6. Reason for opening the account
  • Application Forms completed - signed if applicable (we complete the forms on your behalf and provide you with electronic copies for printing and signing)

Note: the bank may request additional documents when examining the application.