Business mail transfer address in central London EC1

An ideal way to get a prestigious address in London without the high overheads

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Central London Mail Transfer Service

Our business mail forwarding address service is an ideal way to get a prestigious business address without the costly overhead. Our mail forwarding address allows you to receive your business correspondence in our central London office. This presence shows your customers that you are based in the heart of the capital.

Business Mail Forwarding Address Service - What's included?

An EC1 address in central London

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Your impressive new office address in London:

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Kemp House

160 City Road



Having a business mail forwarding address in central London has many advantages. Not only will it improve your company's image and give it a presence in London, but it will also keep your personal residential address private. Many start-ups are starting to use their home address as their main business contact. This can cause problems once your business is established; unsolicited parties may contact you, or customers may find the residential address non-business.

Our business address service comes with mail forwarding, which means you can receive your company's mail anywhere in the world. This service does not include not a head office address or a directors' service address. These will need to be purchased separately.

Location of our London Business Mail Transfer Service office:

160 Kemp House, City Road, London EC1V 2NX

Please note: General business mail is charged at Royal Mail postage rates plus a 15% handling fee.

You can use our prestigious address in central London as a mail forwarding address to receive business correspondence in our London offices. We will then forward your mail to the address of your choice.

Our customers consider our business mail transfer service as a valuable tool to improve their company's image. Potential customers and clients of your company will benefit from increased consumer confidence in your services and your brand.

Another key factor in explaining why our customers prefer our London mail transfer service is that it directly prevents unwanted callers from coming to their home or main office address. By using our City Road address as your main contact address, your customers and business colleagues are prevented from showing up, cold calling or junk mail at your home address, which is kept private and confidential.

Our mail transfer service is often referred to as a virtual office address; the terms are used interchangeably. Our address service is efficient and managed by a reliable team, ensuring that your mail is delivered quickly and efficiently to your preferred location.

Please note that our mail forwarding service should not be used as a head office address. If you require a head office address, you will need to purchase it through our website. In addition, our London mail forwarding address is for normal business mail that is addressed to your company. All transferred mail is charged at Royal Mail rates plus a 15% processing fee.